Women Insecurities 07Aug

Gender Inequalities

Women insecurities !Can you share this?

1. Divorced: She can’t keep a man ?

2. Raped: What was she wearing? ?

3. Childless Marriage: She is barren ???

4. Doesn’t give birth to a male child: it’s all her fault, there’s no son in her womb ?

5. Rich and Independent: she’s a prostitute ??

6. A bad child: It’s all the mother’s fault because she spoilt him?

7. She wants to play some sports: You’re a girl!! It’s too difficult for you, that’s not your purpose in life ???

8. She is single and drives a car: she would drive away all potential suitors. ??

9. She speaks her mind: She is bossy.???

10. Unmarried in her /30s/40s: She is irresponsible. ???

11. Married: Becomes her husband’s property.?

12. Cheating spouse: Its her fault, She made him do it, she should be prayerful ??

13. Widowed: She killed her husband to take over his properties. ?

14. Remarries: She didn’t Mourn her late husband enough?

15. Domestic Abuse: What did the woman do?

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